What Our Customers Have to Say

The staff made this the most enjoyable auto purchase in my lifetime. Joe, Fred and Kim were wonderful individually and collectively. - T. Hallmark 2013 XC60

Well organized and efficient...
Paul personally welcomed me, had my paperwork ready and had my intake completed within a minute so I was able to get to work on time. - R Lewis 2010 XC90

Kevin Coleman did an excellent job! - R. Williams 2013 S60

Everybody I come in contact with in the service department is exceedingly professional and friendly. They go out of their way to make sure their customers have a positive experience. - L. Smith 2007 XC90

Many thanks for organizing and hosting yesterday's session about teen driving. Even though my second child is getting her license this summer, it was a great reminder of the variety of issues that need to be considered. I also learned some new strategies as leverage when "negotiating" with my new driver.
Thanks for taking the time to educate us. -
Greg M.

We absolutely love Volvo of Charlottesville. This is the best experience we have ever had with a dealership and we love our XC70! - Amy Wicks-Horn, Executive Director of the Virginia Discovery Museum

Don't change a thing! Your employees obviously live up to your code of ethics very well. I have always been treated with respect and fully believe in the integrity of your service reps. I have referred several friends to your dealership and service department, and they have also been happy with their experiences. - J.S.

You are great and your dealership is amazing!  Thanks for your care, attention to detail and wonderful customer service!
- K.C.

Thank you for your assistance.  Your very prompt reply allowed me to finely complete my work with Progressive Insurance.  Your professional behavior reflects the high quality of service that I have enjoyed for the past twenty plus years. - S.R.

Your service, and the people rendering the service, are a 1st CLASS performance. - H.W.

"Walked the Walk"

I want to let you know that I found your response to my recent concerns and repair problem to be very much in the spirit of taking care of your customers.  Many businesses talk the talk of “doing what is right” and being loyal.  I felt you and your dealership walked the walk and I wanted to thank you and to compliment you.  Not only did you stand behind the vehicle I purchased from you, you did it without me having to hard sell or make multiple calls to higher levels of decision makers.  I called you, you listened, and you took action on my behalf.  It is refreshing to see a business stand up for their customers.  I could not have asked for more.

Over the 5 years I have owned my XC90, you all have always given me honest answers to various questions…even the ones that were really tough and put you on the spot.  I will tell anyone asks about Charlottesville Volvo that you have always been solid and square with me and have earned my business and, even more importantly, my trust.  I also appreciate the plethora of things you do for our community.  I know there is a never ending stream of requests, but your on-going  involvement is noticed by many. - M.M.

"Extremely Pleased"

The service was outstanding and I want to particularly thank Jay for his help in resolving our issue. We were extremely pleased with how it all worked out, particularly since we were a long way from home and in need of help. 
Once again, thank you and your team for excellent service. -  S.I.

"Putting Your Customers First"

Living in Roanoke, I never expected to buy a car in Charlottesville, but on the way to a UVA b-ball game in January, I noticed your dealership as we rode by.  We have alway owned Volvos in the past and the time was right for my wife to get back in a Volvo after driving a van for several years for the convenience of loading and unloading the grandkids.  I went online, saw your inventory of used XC70s, and contacted Doug Stacy.  He let me know about the '06 that had just come in (locally owned a definite plus).  We drove to C-ville a couple of weeks ago, worked with Fred Willard since Doug was out sick, and drove away in the car we had been looking for.  I appreciate all of the followups to our purchase and have already recommended your dealership to a friend of ours in Roanoke who is in the market for a car similar to the one we bought. 

Thanks for being so attentive to details and putting your customers first. - D.C.

"Super Service"

As always we received super service from your service department. As I drove home, I had a great feeling driving a 5 year old vehicle that looks and drives like a new car. My first Volvo, but one of the most pleasing vehicles we have owned. Only problem; we buy and keep for life so owning a Volvo makes the replacement time very long – but financially well worth the investment. R.B.

Love your team! Love the car! Cheers! - L.D.

"An Enthusiast Owner"

I am what some may call an "enthusiast owner."  Since I took delivery of my 2005 S60R, I've spent time researching, learning about, and generally enjoying the car.  There's so much going on in an R behind the scenes that I find interesting.  As someone put it, the "R" cars have more electronics than some of the early spacecraft.  As the CPO warranty expires, I'm faced with the decision to keep it or find something newer with a warranty.  Honestly, I don't know with what I would replace it.

I wanted to take a minute to share my experiences during my recent service visit.  I describe myself as an enthusiast but I'm sure service departments would describe me as annoying, to say the least.  Todd Cadle has been my service adviser from the beginning and has done an exemplary job.  On my last visit, he spent three days trying to replicate a problem I was experiencing.  Perseverance is a quality I certainly appreciate.  Never once has he complained when I add "just one more thing."  Todd handled odd requests for software updates and fluid changes beyond the engine and transmission with aplomb.

It is seldom that I have the chance to thank a company for outstanding customer service.  Volvo of Charlottesville is an exception.  Please accept (and pass along to Todd)  my thanks and appreciation.
- S.T. 2005 S60

"Valuable Service"

I just wanted to say thank you for offering this (SafeAssured Child ID Kits) to the public. I am a career medic with the rescue squad and I know all too well how quick tragedy can strike. I had to work today but my father took my 5 year old daughter by to have the packet made for her. I have stored it away in my fireproof lock box, and I pray I will never have to use it, but am glad I was able to obtain one. Again thank you for providing this valuable service to the public. - M.M.

"Thank You and Your Company"

On behalf of The Everyday Mac McDonald Children's Golf Classic, we would like to thank you and your company for your generous donations and support of this year's event. You commitment to helping Pediatric Oncology Research at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital is sincerely appreciated...With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements in the care, research and ongoing efforts to find the sure for children in need. -
Jim Miller & Mac McDonald

"Best Ever Auto Experience"

The staff and service group at your dealership have continued to take excellent care of my little volvo which I purchased there - and of me! This particular vehicle and the servicing I have received has been the best ever auto experience of my lifetime (now 67 years!). When I ask questions, I always receive timely and understandable explanations, when I have needed emergency repair, somehow your service group work their magic and fit my car into what I realize is an already full schedule. Something else I have used and appreciate is the convenience of your shuttle service (current driver is very courteous). Thank you for all you are doing and have done in the past to take care of your customers.
- P.H. 2000 S40

"A Great Group of People"

We bought a used S-60 this morning (Saturday), and the process could not have gone more smoothly. I have purchased new cars from Herb Brown, Colonial, and Jim Price, and the experience today was infinitely more organized and less painful than any of my previous experiences. Your sales staff was knowledgeable, courteous, and polite. The car was appropriately priced (I had checked comparables on several websites). You should be pleased to have such a great group of people working with you. Doug Stacy was the salesman, and Joe Lombardo helped with the paperwork. Both were just great.
- W.W. 2008 S60

"My Gratitude"

Dear Liza, Thank you for the proceeds raised in the recent Volvo Drive for Life event, which will support the University of Virginia Children's Hospital. On behalf of the Children's Hospital and the patients whho ultimately will benefit from your thoughtfulness, I offer my gratitude...Your contribution is an integral part of our ability to continue to offer the region's best pediatric care. -
R. Edward Howell, Vice President & Chief Executive Officer

"Treated Me with Utmost Respect and Kindness"

I just want to thank you for confirming my belief in the Volvo company and the value of customer service. You (Liza),Todd and David treated me with the utmost respect and kindness and for that I am grateful. I am even more grateful and assured for the comfort level your service manager has given me regarding the situation with my vehicle...
- K.J. 2008 S60

"Honest, Thoughful and Considerate"

We have owned Volvo's for 21 years and found their cars to be highly reliable with a proven track record of safety.  Our first experience purchasing a car at Volvo of Charlottesville was like getting advice from a trusted friend.  They were honest, thoughtful, and considerate throughout the process.  When it came time for our children to have cars, the sales staff were understanding of our needs and located just the right cars.  The service department is just as responsive.  The people behind the counter are friendly and knowledgeable and their communications regarding completions as well as necessary adjustments are timely.  The technicians provide quality service as well as feedback regarding their work.  Everyone at Volvo of Charlottesville treats their customers like family, and I am so pleased to count myself as a member of that family!
- S.M. 2008 XC70

"Nothing but Positive Experiences"

You live in a small town and your choices are somewhat limited. We happen to love Volvo cars in our family and, lucky us, the one and only dealer for many miles around that sells new Volvo's is run like a small family business. They make it a point to get to know you as well as your car- and I've had nothing but positive experiences with the sales, service and parts departments. - E.L. 2008 XC70

"Wouldn't Hesitate to Come Back"

I thought you should know about the great experience I had with your service department a few weeks ago. I was seeing the check engine light on my 2001 V70 and had begun to experience some engine hesitation, so on the advice of a knowledgeable mechanic near where I live in Staunton, I brought it to Volvo of Charlottesville for diagnosis. I had only bought the car a few weeks earlier and am not accustomed to working with dealers, so as you can imagine this caused quite a bit of anxiety. As it turned out, the problem was a faulty throttle body, which was still covered under factory warranty. Even though this was an expensive repair and there were several paying customers also in need of service, Broocks and her staff were super friendly and explained everything, with no hassles and no add-ons. I feel that they really went out of their way to make me feel special. I wouldn't hesitate to come back if my Volvo needed major service again. Thanks so much! - J.M. 2001 V70

"More than Satisfied"

Your staff added me last minute for a repair to my car door on Friday, when there were probably fewer staff members due to the holiday weekend. They were courteous, efficient and as always, friendly. Needless to say that I am more than satisfied with my visit.
- J.S. 2004 C70

"No Pressure Sales"

Last Saturday, we bought a 2005 V70 and were very pleased with the service. Specifically, Kim was very helpful and we appreciated the "no pressure" sales environment. The following Monday, we brought our 2003 V70 for service and again we were very pleased with the speed, efficiency, and quality of the service. After negative experiences at Edgecomb's and Mooers, it is so nice to find a positive experience, especially one that is local. Overall, we are very pleased with your dealership. - D.M. 2003 & 2005 V70

"Same Day Service"

I was very pleased with the service that I received last Thursday. I returned from an out of town trip Wednesday evening and during that trip my car had a strong fuel smell. I went to your facility Thursday morning to see if it was safe to drive it. In just a few minutes the service department told me that my fuel pump was leaking and that they could replace it that same day. Furthermore, it was nice to hear that I would be covered under my extended warranty. Since the courtesy shuttle was not available, Ron drove me to Barnes & Noble and he picked me up there that afternoon. Thanks again to all your team for the great service.
- L.M. 2001 V70

Your entire team is a joy to work with. I mean that very sincerely. The service department is very thoughtful and thorough. - E.G. 2008 XC90

As always, your staff was extremely professional, punctual, and courteous. It is so pleasant to work with such a top-notch team. - N.R. 2009 XC70

I've always been impressed with Volvo of Charlottesville's exceptional level of service and customer focus. I feel like my car and family are in good hands. - C.G. 2004 S60

























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